Box Head – Notre-Dame
Genre Pop


Verse 1

I always knew it’d end this way
But I don’t know how
How am I supposed to get past this point
When I don’t know how I got here

I deserve the right to know what I wrong
What things were said?
What hearts were broken this time

When my hands are tied above my head
How am I supposed to live this time?
When there’s a blindfold around my eyes
How am I supposed to even see


I hid alone in the bathroom stall
I hid alone, staring at the bathroom wall
I want to go home
I can’t- I can’t- I can’t even- even- even- go home

Verse 2

Y’know they always told me to treat my body like a temple
But if I’m a temple;
I’m notre dame
I’m always being burnt up
Being burnt up
Being burnt away, giving in to your flames
But I live burnt up
I’ll live burnt up
And see the light of day


And if you’re leaving again
Please take me
And if you’re leaving me again
Please don’t say goodbye
It hurts more when you say goodbye

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