Boris the Sprinkler – Let's Go
Genre Rock

Let's Go

Don't wanna study on the GI Bill
Want more action, haven't had my fill
Mercenary, fight for anyone
Fight for money, fight for fun

Let's go [x4]

Got a country you wanna protect
But your army's likely to defect
Hire my SMG with full clip
On automatic it's a guaranteed hit

Let's go [x4]

I'll be a pharaoh soon
Mosquitoes are happy tonight
Mommy, Daddy, can I please come home
Even if just for one night?

Let's go [x4]

Shocked how deadly we fight back
Troublemakers who attack
Mercenary, fight for anyone
Fight for money, fight for fun

Let's go [x8]

Let's go-go-go-go-go-go...

Mouth-sounds of helicopters, gunfire, and explosions

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