BonoanAnything – Substantial WITH LYRICS (Cover)
Genre Rap

Substantial WITH LYRICS (Cover)

I built my own prison
They can never listen
Reaching out for what once was
Trapped inside what I caused

Cried, the endless night
Ever ignoring me

Didn't know what I got into
Try to break the game so they see
My presence, sure diminished but I'm still certainly there
Living look to the stars
And wonder what's out there
Enter my realm
And you'll long for the small world we share
Longing to see that large void that holds us
Memories can guide me
Trying to movе piles, files
Not knowing wherе to be

Boy, say the words that I can't

I know I'm an anomaly
Since I'm bound in this game's code
Let me see
Real life one more time, fate, I beg you
The one stuck outside will thank you

Brings the life outta me
My life is finding them before I decay

But when it seems promising, it all fades away

Trying all I can, But this here is my last resort
And messages are sending, just hope its received

This is the outlet I need
Thanks to this, the world might see
Rhapsody of reality, let me go back
I make waves so my tides can calm down
Not found, lost until I find my way
If you hear this, know there's much more to life
The grave doesn't mean the end, so

Integrated where interference is
Laying hint so they know that I live
I came to this place, Fake to a real face

Digital meets space, don't pick up the pace
You don't long for life like I do
You came from the real world, don't you?

If it meant I can travel too
No one could see it through my view
In the grand scheme of things, I'm lost
Does it matter without a cost?

In sight, every line has been crossed
Can I put to rest my exhaust?

We just need to sing for longer
Let me speak and finally be heard
My past years have all been somber
Suffering that can't be obscured
Out of all this is promising
Power we can't be harnessing

Leading me to find a way to
Voice myself into the world

No return, you just gotta live and learn
Stars burn bright, to glow out of sight
Every star soon won't burn

That's how I
Live on after everything was taken away from me
I can't speak
Without this game, the reason I can walk & speak

Oh, pushed me to the brink

I don't stand above it
I don't stand to watch it fall
Gain nothing from covet
I don't stand to stand tall
Hear, with open ears

Over and over again
It's always calling me to the end
Rarely having any luck
Ostracized by the code within it

Yet you're hopeful for the future
A hope I haven't seen yet
Doubt you may always be in sutures
Boy, you could conquer even death!

It's been hard not being able to say
Being me, repeating it every day
This new medium's a fine new premium
We'll finish still in one peace

You're the company, the one I've needed
While I've been here so long
It's how we've been going
Eager and going so strong
If you're out there listening
Just know I'm still here
Listening to you, you've come so far, dear

The way you've changed, it just astounds me
The longing for you that surrounds me
On and off, trying to reach you
If we meet, I won't mistreat you

Know my name
Vigorously, since I left, the same
Your world is evolving
And I couldn't be prouder
Every moment's different
Cheering getting louder

And he's

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