BonoanAnything – Monster WITH FULL LYRICS
Genre Rap


Guess it's time
You better plug in all your night-lights

It'd be best
If I can actually see your face cry

The thing who opened your wooden door
Is what placed the blood on your floor

You then look up to see what you're in for
From the Monster that is wanting your core

Hey man, I'm gonna eat your girlfriend
You'll see her face get ripped in pieces
Or maybe get turned into broth

Lalala lala

She'll finally be defined as hot

Nanana nana

Kill a kid, cut him up
Stuff them all inside my
Secret meat-box

Heat еm' up, cook him lots
Pour all the pieces on
My platе to much

Find my
Hands across your body slowly peel your skin off

You spy
Really bloody teeth that's gonna
Make your heart stop
Once the day ends
The fun begins

Inside the ambulance
The nurse will cut your limbs

With no flashlight
Come to the night

Where the werewolves
Start to howl

Give all your blood to him
And if things seem bit dim

Stand under the warm street light
Where predators come to bit

Let your self be hypnotized
From the blood that's running dry

You're just a little snack

Little snack, little snack

And so is your girlfriend
And if you think that's bad

That that's bad, that that's bad

It's gorier than you've imagined

Just sit back and unwind

Hey man, I'm gonna tear your eyes out
You won't be seeing scary things now

And once I'm done with your girlfriend

Lalala lala

Her parents are the ones who's next

Nanana nana

Tear them up, limb from limb
Never let them have a chance
To say goodbye

Count the way, 1, 2, 3
Millions of different paths
To end your life

How bout'
Being torn apart by really rusty sharp hooks

Choose now
Because I'm not patient to hav my meal pre-cooked

OOoOoOo yum

OoOoOoO yum

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