BonoanAnything – It's Complicated (Sayori Mix) WITH LYRICS
Genre Rap

It's Complicated (Sayori Mix) WITH LYRICS

Feat. Just.Bry

What is there to explain?

You don't need to astray!

I thought you were meant to stay

Is it really better leaving with him
Other than sticky onto our promise?

Am I not worth all your love to reach the ending I've known?
I don't want to let you
I refuse to have those you from a future that you have told

I swear I'll make our time worth it
I just don't want you to leave it!
Putting the lid on my bottle
As it fills with all my tears within!

You can hold on much more longer
Onto what you have. Please don't bother!

I'm not ready for my life to
Pass by feeling falter!

Is it really complicatеd
To convince you not to leave!?

You know thе things you'll lose
Once you proceed!?

No! No! No!
You just cannot go! They told me so
That you and I were meant to be
And life would stay the way we wanted!
But if you leave
I don't know what I'm gonna be
Because the reason why I'm happy
Is cus' of the things you said to me!
You told me
You would stay

All I see is memories passing
Until you end up forgetting
My whole future's looking scary
And I refuse to have that be me!


Be with me now and forever!
Would you just rather keep our future!?

Do I need to repeat these words
And be a broken record!?

No matter your reasoning
This isn't how it's supposed to play!

I'm worth it more than them!
Does keeping your grace
I don't wanna see the age where I'm alone
In the pouring rain

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