BonoanAnything – Beathoven (Natsuki Mix) WITH LYRICS
Genre Rap

Beathoven (Natsuki Mix) WITH LYRICS

Ya' gotta time to the notes in the sky!
You might be bad at first, but soon your skill will rise!
If you practice some more, then you just might adore
How you get through every note the game provides!

There may be many factors that could put you
In a trashy mood
And make you think that your whole skill is bad
And everybody's better than you!
But there's no need to feel that
Bad about your skillset!
Let your head rest

No matter what's your style
Nothing's bouta' stop you how you play, go wild!

Distance all the negative that frown upon you!

Focus on the positive and do what you do!

Look out for improvеment if that's necessary!

Keep up with thе rhythm and there is no worry!
Aw ya feel the heat!

I know soon, you'll have the skill level that you want!
Yeah, prove them wrong and try to show them what'cha got!
If it is pressing the keys
Or just using your feet
It won't matter cus' you'll still be having fun!

I hope you'll take this advice
Feel the passion inside
And remind yourself that you could really try!

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