Bold Promises, Empty Dreams – Big Loser
Genre Rock

Bold Promises, Empty Dreams

Don’t ask me where I’m going
Sometimes it’s just a moment that takes me far away
You can choose your breath however you want it
But the more you want it, you find that it gets harder and harder to breathe

Don’t ask me where I’m headed
Sometimes I just accept that what I try to control controls me
You can lose your head inside a wallet
Or a job that you hate. bold promises and empty dreams

And somewhere in America, in the greatest irony
Where you must work your life away if you desire to be free
There’s a boy in a box, and he’s barely 23
He didn’t want a job, he just wanted to be
But nobody dared to love him with him living in the streets
We just tell him to make some money, if wants to be free

All the words I should say aren’t the ones you want to hear
America, it likes to breed our misery as we get lost in everything
Hollow words behind sharpened teeth, oh how we bite to see it bleed
America, how great to be so fucking free, as lost as anything can be

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