Bobbie Gentry – I Saw An Angel Die (Demo)
Genre Pop

I Saw An Angel Die (Demo)

Came into my life
It was sunshine everywhere
You were outta sight
Just standin', shinin' there
Shinin' there
Shinin' there

All my days were bright
You took me to the sky
You showed me the light
You taught me how to fly to the clouds
Straight up to Heaven
Was it just a dream?
I couldn't tell if you were really real
Was it just a dream?
A dream that I could see and touch and feel

All through the night
I held you close to me and loved you so
But with the light
You turned to me and said you had to go
Please don't go
Please don't go

Across the countryside
I chased an angel fleetin'
Until it dropped and sighed
Its angel wings still beatin'
It was you
It was you

Oh, I stood there and cried
And watched love fade away
I saw an angel die
My heart died too that day

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