BOB That MASTER, Jimmy MC – Traitor
Genre Rap


Traitor lyrics


Man, it really hurts man
We been best friends like
Kinda hurt me
It be your best friends that really hurt you man
Like it really hurt dude
And they betrayed you and stuff
And it kinda hurt so
Yeah, okay

Verse 1BOB That MASTER

Traitor? Man your a dang old traitor, don't talk
You just be talking, acting like a waitor
Man you think your all greater
Man see you dang old later, I don't trust you
You be trading with some some money
Man your not even a real friend
Your a dang old traitor
I don't even trust you man


You are a traitor
Don't trust you anymore
You are a traitor

Verse 2Jimmy MC

I used to look up to you, man
My best friend, you were my right hand man
You deserved the land
Now you do this?
What the fuck is wrong with you you bitch
It was all fake
Everything from the start
You were my best friend, you really broke my heart
Now I have to start over all again
With no one, not one friend

Verse 3BOB That MASTER

Uh, don't assume I dang old trust you man
I don't even care if something happened to you, man
Hey, you left me when I needed you
Hey, the table has turned man, ay
I don't even trust you anymore, uh

Don't even call me just delete off of your contacts
I don't want to be messing with you man

ChorusBOB That MASTER & Jimmy MC

You are a traitor [Your a dang old traitor, yuh, your a dang old traitor
Don't trust you anymore [Anymore, anymore, just use the door
You are a traitor

OutroJimmy MC

Your just a traitor
Your just a fake
I don't care about you
Imma have to restart
Go on a date, yeah
That sounded really weird
It's the ending you fear
The traitors

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