Bob Lind – The Thunder of Goodbye
Genre Pop

The Thunder of Goodbye

When she’s gone
Before it reaches your awareness
You maybe cavalier and careless
But at the folding of the day
That brittle pride will break away
And at night when the rain is at your window
You will finally begin to
Know the thunder of goodbye

When she leaves
The things you didn’t say will haunt you
Watching the days she used to want you
Drifting out beyond your reach
Like the sunset from the beach
In every room, therе’ll be regrets and еmpty spaces
There will be no sheltered places
From the thunder of goodbye
Fools can never see it when it’s there
And then they find a strand of hair
A trace of perfume in the air
The indentation in a chair

Fools don’t see the constant and the true
Don’t see the sunlight shining through
Don’t feel the storm begin to brew
Until there’s nothing they can do

When she goes
You’ll know how much is gone forever
Stitches that held your heart together
The very sun that lit your sky
Has left the best of you to die
Through the night
The kitchen light will just keep burning
As if to guide her safe returning
But when the morning meets your eyes
You’ll have to face yourself and try
To take the thunder of goodbye

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