Bob Abate – Gulfer
Genre Rock

Bob Abate

Were getting old again
Its the third time this week
Better stick with me then go fuck around and never come back to this peace
Were getting late on life
This pace is slow
But its shows by its lack of failures right
Were getting old again
Woh oh

Is made to be a success
I feel like
Its a godd day

I hope that ill stay open minded
For all the things you said we fainted for too easily
I hope that ill stay open minded
Woh oh

I would gamble it all
Put the flag on the right shed
Win thu0435 day by its light then
Eyes wide opu0435n
But am i trying
I would cover our eyes as big as this sign
Ill tell what we said was
Well keep the worst for the future
Its time to leave it run forget what we just done

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