BlvckChvrch – Pretty Bitch
Genre Rap

Pretty Bitch

Ak forty-
Finger fuck her cause she horny
Pretty bitch
Put that dick inside her organs
Goth bitch
Rocking all black forces
Stomping heads
Of all the mothafucking corpses
Want ‘em dead
Want ‘em dead and shipped in boxes
Boxing bitches out and fill them with the fucking toxins
‘Toxicated till I’m falling to fucking concrete
Svdi die a smoked out death and death can’t wait to meet me

I can’t fuck with none of you motherfuckers
Fuck boy
Slut boy
Way my 45 bust em fuck em
Give a fuck about a bitch asking me to go and gut her
Ima chop her body up and leave her brains in the gutter
Sick fuck
Not one
If a bitch step to me ima go ahead and beat him
Fucken demon ima
Fillet and eat em hate a
Conceited diva
Get deleted
Using my knife fuck a gun don’t need it

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