BlvckChvrch – Mizuno
Genre Rap


Can’t afford designer clothes
But got designer drugs
Momma said I smoked too many blunts today
But I haven’t had enough
Molly water got it adding up
Drowning bitches in the flood
With the bass kickin’ so hard just like the fucking bud
Kicking bitches in the face if they keep on running up
Run my engine straight into the fucking mud and bust it up
Total my Kia Optima, watch me go and mod it up
Trash talk my set, watch me go wet these mothafuckas up
Talk that shit straight to my face if we got a problem bruh
Hate on me only cause tragedy for you and followers
Show respect if you want my attention and audience
Ima killa gorilla what made you think different
Svdi chop the body and Lin the be the devourer
Svdi stuff the bodies inside of the wood cabinet
Svdi claim insanity and make it a accident
Making pussies bleed out on the top of battlefront

Bc bring the phonk
Abuse a bitch and leave him cold up in the fucken flood
Slice the gut won't love the slut i only use the cunt
I skin her for some fun and in her hyde i fucken strut
Dumb to defy me. some wanna try me. leave em dead in the mud
I dont give a fuck
Hit it once now “im in love”
Nah you got me fucked up
I dont give a fuck
I won’t ever love a slut
But i want my nuts sucked
I got mizunos on my feet
Maybe karhu i don’t
Airmax tailwinds 4s
No gucci for my toes
Asics run up on these hoes
Brand black just for show
Either or lil bitch ill still stomp you out cold
See i won’t ever fuck wit any of you fuck boys you see
Plain and simple bitch i out rank you and your pussy posse
I steal the air from your lungs with every breath that i take
Break a bitch don’t take no shit ill leave a bitch in the lake

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