BlvckChvrch – Ash Tray
Genre Rap

Ash Tray

I got two hoes in the back
Stabbed through the back
Dumped in the back of the woods like trash
See i don’t care about people like that
Better off dead like the onyx track
How you finna hate when you ain't done shit
Stupid ass bitch go and suck a fucken dick
All these motherfuckers really think they tough shit
300 pounds and ill still slam you bitch
I don’t fuck with you
Buck wit you
No-one really toppen me
Stop it b
If you wanna fuck with me
Ill gladly be
The motherfucker to end your shit
In one hit
Bitch ill fucken savor it
I’m sick of it
Little ass boys thinking they made of it
When i pull up to they crib they scared ass shit
Beat your hoe up and then your hoe ass bitch

Fuck with my dawgs
And I turn John Wick
Walk in the room
And you won’t say shit
Pussy boy don’t wanna
Face my click
Smoking Svdi with the blunt to his lip
Put this shit out on his face mane
Beat his ass and seal his fate mane
You a lil pup, I’m a Great Dane
Pull up on me and we’ll get the shit bracking
Hating on me cause yo shit get no play
Humble yo self or meet my blade
Pull up Chevy V8 with the K
Chop shit down, call me Svdi sensei
Love to watch the body decay
Used as a fucking ashtray
Can’t smell the body
My bud too dank
Svdi take the throne
And you mad cause I am what you ain’t
Mad cause you can’t

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