Genre Rap


Some would say i'm nasty, that i act so boujee
If y'all weren't, would I even be doing this?
Recently sat myself down and i turned a new leaf
I'm nice enough, if you don't like me, please kindly leave

Been singing since my kiddo, trying to chase my dream
I ain't got silk voice, it's just the vibe, i admit
I'll keep writing, vibing, and keep doing my shit
And i know someday, i'll have more of what sir MJ achieved

I drink often, don't smoke and i don't do drug
I love tatts and piercings, but i won't do none
I'm just tryna not be lost in this world
I will get tempted daily but “so help me God”

You might write all the world and won't see grace
Might just be because you don't usually pray
Or probably you need to change your old ways
God on my side, anything i do will work anyway

And i pray i reduce the way i doubt myself
I'll be more positive, more believing and inspire myself
Pray for God's love, God's guidance, and God's great care
UNRECOGNIZED, but i know very soon i'll be up there

- bluxxi
Boluwatife David Adebayo
1st, September, 2021

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