Bloody Sword – Ché Noir
Genre Rap

Bloody Sword

Feat. Planet Asia


I'm the only underdog getting trust as your highness
They try to underrate your skills when you’re next to a giant
I had to study all his moves and connect it to science
Left without a scratch, a bloody sword and a head of Goliath
I never brag, I accept all my blessings in private
I stay patient, put in work never questioned this timing
And every move that I make, bitch I kept it in silence
This streets evil, you gotta play chess to survive it
I keep my eyes on the price and my ice on the
Eyes closed, I can spot Dollar signs with a blindfold
Could've been a preachers wife and abide by the Bible
But I chose another route 'cause my mind on survival
These school books never teach the fact that
The reachest man that walked the earth was a king from Africa
His name was Mansa Musa, do your research in
Don’t just leave it to the white man to teach to your kids

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