Blokka $olo – TRAP STORY
Genre Rap


Feat. Chynna Mane


You know i'mma do it
You know i'mma get it
If I fuckin' said it
Bitch I need that fetty
War ready
Shit could get heavy
Still up in the trenches
Automatic weapons
Knock me off this planet
Trying to understand it
I'm with all the static
I'm with all the smoke
I'm a fucking GOAT
Til I fucking go
Til I got some doe
And a couple homes
And a couple hoes
Never losing hope
Never lost my soul
I'm a different breed
What they want from me?
My blood on the street
I see jealousy
I see everything
Gotta keep the heat
I just want some peace
High for fuckin' weeks
Who gon' pray for me?
6$K on me
K on me
Still up in thе cut
With the K on me


I remеmber when they tried me, left me bleeding on the floor
Now I get love from they hoes, real girls get on the floor
I remember days when I was broke and sleeping on the floor
Get it how I gotta get that shit so bitch get on the floor
Murder weapons at the door
Residue still on the stove
Flush that shit and hide the phone if one time knocking at the door
I don't trust a fucking soul
I can't love a fucking hoe
Love and money get you killed so I never give em both
I ain't going out alone
Tell Joshua we're coming home
If they try to do me just like POP then one of y'all getting SMOKED
Father can you save my soul?
I can't feel nothing no more
Only pain inside my heart
Nodding off infront of my Mom
Bleeding from a heart that broke
All the flaws I love you so
Even when you did me wrong and tried to slit my fucking throat
I don't need nobody made it happen on my fucking own
Only bring my strap dog I always roll the fuck alone

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