Blokka $olo – THOT (KORESH REMIX)
Genre Rap




Oh no it's $olo with Lifer Loc
Louisville sluggers when we bussin'
Uzi with a scope
On a war path dashing if we see the cops
Load the Glock a red dotta if we see the opps
Murder scene, finna preach when I squeeze
Cuffin' all these hoes while we be chasing the cheese
Now throw it back
LA Raiders on my Starter cap
And you run like thotianas when my glockiana busts back


When you say my name bitch say that shit loud
Talking like a bitch gon' get you laid down
I ain't thotiana but I bust down
At yo motherfuckin' door with the 4 pound
Wa da da dang
Wa da da da dang ay
Wa da da dang
Wa da da da dang ay
Wa da da dang
Wa da da da dang ay
This is BLOKKA $OLO nigga
At yo home smoking on yo dope
Playing with yo hoe
She gon' put yo kid to bed then shе gon' come back for some more
I'm thе GOAT
Thuggish ruggish bone
All inside her throat
She gon' choke
Baby daddy mad
This one for the locs

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