38 special and it’s resting on my dick
Why that hammer cocked back?
Because I pop that bitch
Boy this ain’t no rap shit
We gone catch you where you live
Holes in the dodge
Because that’s just how it is
Whoop whop on his block
Niggas dropping like it’s hot
I don’t give a mother fuck
I love riding on my opps
6 Side till I die
And I ain’t afraid to die
This is what it sounds like
When you hear thugs cry
But we never shed tears
Niggas only shed blood
Do you still wanna be a thug
Laying in the mud
Pussy, weed and guns
I could never get enough
Same shit that drove me nuts
Got these bitches on my nuts
Wassup bitch nigga where you from
Where you from
I’m a rapping ass nigga with a drum
With a drum
Ima finger fuck the Glock until it cum
Till it cum
And scurrt on your block
Bumpin DOC
It’s a hoo-ride
Whatcha gone whatch whatch whatcha gone do bout it
Green light
Whatcha gone whatch whatch whatcha gone do bout it
Bitch nigga

Ima ride ima ride for my set
Ima die ima die form my set
Take a life for this shit
Six side six side what I rep till
Them motherfuckin' shirts say rip
I walked in with that pack bitch I smoke where I want
They got smoke where we go so you know that we rollin up strapped bitch so don't end up flatlined
Pull-up in the night time
4 deep cut the lights out then cut off yo lifeline
Made me crazy
Posted with
That war zone baby
We ridin' dirty
Sticks dirty
Never worried
Never fold
Never break
Pass the swisher
Pass the plate
Where the fuck you from mane
You ain't fuckin' gang get the fuck up out my face

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