Blokka $olo – Blxxdy
Genre Rap


Feat. Chynna Mane

What the fuck you do when you don't got shit
Grab a chopper, couple clips with intent to get rich
Bitch I come from the gutter where they want me to be
Where they think ima stay, I can't get trapped in the streets
I see a better life and dollar signs when I go to sleep
I see a devil on each shoulder trying to turn me on me
And everywhere that I turn I see another one dead
Or gone off that dog food falling down with each step
Worse than a hole in the head
We gotta do what we do
Make the wrong fuckin' move and we gon' run down on you
We saw flexin' on the gram so we know all yo steps
Saw your dead family on there, bitch don't end up with them


Let em sleep in a box
6 feet cuz the Glocks
Eazystreet be the gang
6 side fuck the law
Bitches Bitches from my past speakin' on my fuckin' name
Like I won't put it on your head for the price of some cocaine
Track a pussy motherfucka then I pull up to his work
Lil target work at target on the clock you could get murked
I should let my lil homies put yo bitch ass on a shirt
Who the fuck gon die today i'm popping shots and bangin' WURCE
In the burque
My soldiers
Straight Locsters
Dick up on the Glock and fucked em like a hoe bruh
Now you hold up
Nigga hold up
What a shame he wanna be just like us
Turned me crazy
Turned me brainless for the paper I be chasin'
You a punk bitch, don't know dangerous
Wasn't raised in the city I was raised in
I'm a monster for the paper
Leave yo old lady cut up in the mesa
Fuck the industry, I'm a gangsta
Opp's tour bus niggas gettin K'd up

6 side fuck the law
6 side fuck the law
Fuck the law
6 side fuck the law
Eazystreet be the gang
6 side fuck the law

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