Walls lyrics


Didn’t thank you enough
I’m letting you go
The sun’s starting to come up and I stay cold
Stay cold


Didn’t I pay for it via the things that I said?
Too old to regress
[There’s comfort in
Misery couldn’t help enough
I forget it’s all just a test
[Of something
I’m calling it a nightmare after all


I’ve seen you crumble, fall
Like Jericho, it’s false
Anticipated, fated
Cordon off the race at half time - feels off
Paid a thousand times the cost
Forging reasons, reasons lost
Got told I’m dreaming
Who’d have thought?
You’d have not
After all

Post Chorus

Bait what you need again
I’m done running from you
Can’t carry conversations
After dark


Have I thanked you enough for letting me go?
This bit in between my teeth
Now just tastes old


I’ve seen you
Crumble and fall
Like Jericho
It’s false


Inlay your trap
Use silky glands
It’s only never-ending
Click onto it
Another hit
Too warm to turn it off

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