Blastoff – Renzo Chop
Genre Rap



I'm in a rocket ship
3 2 1 blastoff
Bitch I'm outta here
I ain't talkin base model
This a hellcat
Add it up
Cop a cat
Wasn't good in math
I sat in the back
Now I kick it upper class in a private jet
Fuck wit they talking bout
Bitch I been the man
I tried to tell em man
Now they tell they mans
Fuck the clout
City hot before the internet


All these rocks on the paddy
Call it riverbed
Never thought this would happen
It was in my head
I was down bad
Wasn't feeling it
I took a step
Back back
Now I'm on my shit
Paddy on the wrist
Y u mad bih
I just smashed yo bitch
You ain't hit her yet???
.... you ain't hit her yet

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