Lovesick Girls Blackpink

Lovesick Girls lyrics

feat. JENNIE, LiSA, Ros, Jisoo

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October 2, 2020

Lovesick Girls lyrics

Lovesick Girls
Lovesick Girls

영원한 밤
창문 없는 방에 우릴 가둔 Love (Love)
What Can We Say?
매번 아파도 외치는 Love (Love)

Endless Night
Love Trapped Us In A Windowless Room (Love)
What Can We Say?
Long For Love Even Though It Hurts Every Time (Love)

다치고 망가져도 나
뭘 믿고 버티는 거야
어차피 떠나면 상처투성인
채로 미워하게 될걸
끝장을 보기 전 끝낼 순 없어
이 아픔을 기다린 것처럼

Get Hurt And Break Down, I
Don't Know What's Making Me Hold On
If I Leave Anyway, I'll Hate You In My Pained State
We Can't End It Before It’s Over
It's As If We've Been Waiting For This Agony

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BLACKPINK – Lovesick Girls

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