Blackout – Bobby Midas
Genre Rap


Feat. Sxvxnt

It's ya man Dos
Who can withstand truth in a fluidly spanned opus?
Move and advance through the illusions of grandiose scenes [to
The fans hoping [who?
The fans hoping [truth
Will stand shown
See both me and the team believe it should be known
You can see into the smoke past the screen that seems to grow
With me weaving a cloak, pristine prose is my method
Of reaching the peeps who plead to be rose from the wreckage
You know the message for these strewn adolescents:
Don't erode from the lessons you were shown in your essence
For these cold soul, no holds, overgrown jesters
Who hope to be only known by the droves of decrepits
I chose and selected the rode of less trekkers
Follow the flow and witness the glow that OS is
My brethren
Collectively possessed, so celestine
Signing off with text beyond measure
With a picture perfect, illicit, versatile, lit, pristine flow
Whipping cursive, a spinning dervish, via Yasiin flow
Light as the flight of the highest seen peregrine flow
Easy as breeze on an evening in Pasaden- flow
Rock your body with shots of sake
Vodka, Bacardi
Or catching an Ali combi- while the crowd's rowdily shouting
"Bomaye, b!tch!"
Dos is carried away with
The style of rhyming promised to bring a mami from wildly winding
To grinding
Holly got the guy reclining
Under the low lights, hips roll right, 'til I hop behind then
Got her on all fours
Body all lore
For the bounce back, I crouch back then load, then
Serve up the Daggett throw-la-deluxe
Let the heat blow then re-up
Let the heat stroke just seize her then redux
When the sheet's soaked, I ease up
And proceed to decede from the scene for the eve when her ink soaks our pre-nup
I'm sleek, bruh [Bang
Chic dunks tee'd up
To the Beemer
Down Pico, driving "Naima" bleeding through the speakers
The speed shows 90 which means the beast gon' try me
So let me creep slow, lightly
So deez don't leave me next to Ezell, aight?
F*ck the PD with a d-cell pipe
F*ck Garcetti, Beck, and the rest of every leo and stripe
[Woop, woop!
BLM or be sniped
F*ck every deviance
Motherf*ck cheek conceding, that sh!t ceased with T. Rice

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