Black Widow vs Solid snake – The infinite source
Genre Pop

Black Widow vs Solid snake

Verse 1Black Widow

Natalia or Natasha
Itehr way, i'm the one
Who's gonna put you down
Look, this battle is already done
I'm a killer, check the name
Poisonous and silent
Kill a snake softly
Doesn't have to be violent
A super spy
If you want lesson
We can arrange that
You'll never be as good as me
And nothing's gonna to change that
Think you're Solid but your soft
Come in quick, take your life
Please don't be embarrassed
It's what happens when the Widow strikes

Verse 2Solid Snake

I've taken down Metal Gears
I'm the one you don't cross
You'll never see me coming
I'm the Special Ops Boss
Better lean on your team
Yeah, call in the Avengers
A solo stealth killer
And I'm coming now to end you
A mission's on the line
So I don't mean to rush ya
Beat you, then have you
Running back to Mother Russia
Above ya, you'll never reach
The level of the snake
A grenade to the face
Now your team's at your wake

Verse 3Black Widow

Working with a S.H.I.E.L.D. now
I don't see your backup
No one cares if you take a shot
And then never get back up
Battled the likes of Thanos
Things you can't envision
While you were "playing" Black ops
And FOXHOUND missions
You're not the perfect soldier
I hate to break it to you
In hand to hand, I calculate
A minute to go through you
You'll end up sad, beaten, and alone
That's the fate of a Snake
Since you are just a clone

Verse 4Solid Snake

I make the impossible a reality
The deadliest Snake
That you will ever face
I don't leave it to fate
Both poisonous
But I'll always have the last bite
'Cuz I'm rationed and fashioned
To withstand the fight
Too Solid
I am the symbol of stealth
Better watch you step, Widow
'Cuz it's bad for your health
Agents like you
They could buy them in bulk
And you lost it
This bitch is too crazy to date the Hulk

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