Bjørn Olsenberg – Soy un oso
Genre R&B

Soy un oso

Mi ela
Santa recono sielo aleare
No comprendo a la tare, sofradeche

Soy un oso muy grande
Muy grande

Los quieros manas

Mi sielo, mi luna, matarme
No casado que me pero yo

No casado que me para tu

En la playa
En la playa
En la playa con tu

Quiren tarde. La luna y marte
La quiro catarte

No siero quiero baila
No siero que le andre

En la carnivales
Por la carnivales, tu eres tardes

En manana tu quiere caras

Quiero mano que tiene Sara

Porque yo no que la carre

La carro, la coche, la sared
En manana tu eres matarme

Tu eres a matarme

Contigo el yo
Sin sielos

La canciones, mi vere la tarde

Porque yo no me tengo pa ti

En la perro que aparta mi

So fiero mano
So fiero
Soy un oso, un oso grande!
Un oso grande
Un oso grande
Un oso muy grande

Yo quiero una chicken mc nugget, en la mcdonalds

Quiero diez

El sosa garlic


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

My her
Santa recognized sielo aleare
I don't understand tare, sofradeche

I am a very big bear
Very big

I love you guys

My sky, my moon, kill me

Not married to me but me

Not married that for you

On the beach
On the beach
On the beach with you

They want late. The moon and mars
I want to taste you

I don't really want to dance
I don't think I'll walk

At the carnival
For the carnivales, you are late

In tomorrow you want faces

I want the hand that Sara has

Because I don't want the race

The car, the car, the network

In tomorrow you are to kill me

You are to kill me

With you the me
Without skies

The songs, I'll see the afternoon

Because I don't have myself for you

In the dog that separates me

I am fierce hand
I am fierce
I am a bear, a big bear!
A big bear
A big bear
A very big bear

I want a chicken mc nugget, at mcdonalds

I want ten


The bland garlic


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