Biz Markie – To My Boys
Genre Pop

To My Boys

To My Boys lyrics

Cutmaster Cool V

Whats up, this is Cutmaster Cool V
Comin' live from B&B Studios
Graveyard here in Jersey, know what I'm sayin'?
Uh, I'm sayin' what's up to my moms, my pops
My brothers and sisters
I'm sayin' what's up for keepin' me together, ha ha ha ha ha
I'm sayin' what's up to the diabolical himself
My cousin, the grand groove of sound, Biz Markie
'Cause without him, I couldn't thank nobody
Know what I'm sayin', that's why I'm thankin' him first, ha ha ha
Godfather D, Scweet Love, B Asiatic
That's B from Burner Street
Y'all girls didn't know what I said, know what I'm sayin'?
Slurp 'N Burp, Mop, ha ha, Coss from Elizabeth
You know we go way back, fam
Malik Sham, Wadiya Hobbs of Stacy-Dixon, what's up?
To the Biz Production squad, Grand Daddy I.U
DJ KC, Easy Brick the player, Kid Capri, Silver D
Money Marl, Spud Love, The Don, Big Buddah, Diamond Shell
The Mos Crew, Beverly Poo, uh, Big Daddy Kane
TJ Swan, Kool G Rap & Polo, MC Shan, Roxanne Shante
DJ Marley Marl, Fly Ty, what's up?
Little Red, ha ha ha, little family, stop being so bad, boy, ha ha
KRS-One, D-Nice, DJ Mark The 45 King, Lakim Shabazz
And C-Juss, and the whole Flavor Unit
Latifah, what's up?
My man Jeff at Vogle's, well he was formerly at Vogle's
He the only one to ever give me a job at the record shop
He gave me one, Mike and Rob from Big B Records in Plainfield
DJ Cheese out there, 3rd Street Posse, what's up?
Ice-T, Evil-E, on the California side
And the Rhyme Syndicate all over the world, what's up?
To my brothers in Broadway, Trenton, Broad Town
James Burden, Riker's Island, and Sing-Sing, what's up?
Jail, 'cause you're comin' home
Doug E Fresh, Rob Base, Easy Rock, Mike and Day
DJ Pearl, DJ Fantasy, you know what's up
Al B from PGC, Jimmy Olsen from 98.5
Frankie Blue and Kid Kelly, break not
Frankie Crocker, Red Alert, yeah!
I had to do that for him, 'cause he always believed in us
You know what I'm sayin'?
To the Cliton Avenue Posse, Vaughn Devine, Big Shoe, Bay-Ho
And my man Kenny, and the White Stanza, he be coolin'
What's up, Hall, stop buggin'
What's up Skeet, Fell, Bess, y'all chill
Uptown, Big D for the Lou, A-Z, Johnny Fresh and Alpo
I got that all, ha ha, Lance Hayes, what's up my brother?
To my engineer, who's always crystal clear
The important one, DJ Doc, makin' it funky for me
So I can make it funky for you, you know what I'm sayin'?
And I gotta say what's up to this group Saffi and Shafeik
What's up, Chancellor Avenue rockin' supreme, what's up?
Peace, ha ha, Elizabeth, uptown, downtown, and the midtown
South Hawk Street, 1st Street, Jetson Avenue
Red S's out there, DC, white boy Funky Foot
Pat Thompson, Kathy Wilkes, you know what I'm sayin'?
I got to say what's up to everybody everywhere
'Cause I'm runnin' out of time, and I hope I gotcha
And if I ain't getcha, I'm-a getcha on the next album
Because I like this, ha ha, Malik from Avon
You know I ain't forget you, boy, ha ha
Luke Skyywalker and The 2 Live Crew, you know how we go
Biggie, in the stankin' lankin', what's up girl?
My big cousin, Sydney, give me that basketball, boy
Like I said, I gotta sign off, I got everbody's names
But I just can't say 'em right now, you know what I'm sayin'?
So DJ Doc, you gon make this one real funky for me, right?
And I'm-a sign it off just like this, little daddy style
You're out!

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