Bitty – Juice WRLD, Trippie Redd
Genre Rap


Juice WRLD

-Mexico, I'm from Mexico
Thumbin' through racks, oh, run up in the stash house
I'ma ball 'til I fall out, I'm on a cash ride
Bling, bloaw, they see the diamonds through the tints
You ain't 'sposed to make it from my city, from my city
Bickin' it back, I'm in the 'burbs now
I'm faded, contemplatin'
Is it greatness that I'm chasin'?
Walk in, feel the vibrations [Yeah
Kel-Tec leave a nigga vibrating [Yeah
Kel-Tec end a nigga like Raiden [Yeah
Taxin' a nigga [Yeah
Sittin' there havin' a [Yeah]

Trippie Redd

Slumped over, you GTA wasted [Yeah
I be rollin' around and I'm racin' [Yeah
In a brand new 'Rari, not basic
Got a lot of all these blunts that I'm facin'
Tryna fuck on your thot 'forе the day end
Yeah, I'm likе a Mason

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