City girls actupuhluhgoot remixuhten lyrics

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March 2, 2021

City girls actupuhluhgoot remixuhten lyrics

It's a me, Mario! Ah
Boom-tang (Game over!)
Suttin', bang
You a-lyin'
Fa-tiggle, bang, took-a-tang

Boom-tang, tang, toon-tang, toog-a-loog it
Fu-it-a-buh-it-a, bang, bang on a dooget
Wip-it-a-puh, ell-uh, tang, tang on a dooget
Het-a-luh-bell-uh-puh, bang, bang on a booget
Wip-it-a-luh-puh, ell-uh, tang, tang on a bipper
Hat-a-luh, bat-ell-uh, bang, bang on a whipper
A bang, bang too-pang, ta-loog-a-toog it
Hang the pang, pang, too-pang, toog-a-loog it
I fuck it, then, I pig-a-lang on a bang
Wip-it-a-puh, ell-uh, tang, tang on a tang
Hick-ell-a, dick-ell-uh, toon, toon, toogle-too
Hoont-a-pang suh-poon, tang, toog-a-loo (Uh!)
Pop a luh Toog-a-loo-too: Sank-nan
Hick-ell-a Bell-a-poont, nank-nan
Hang on a Bang-a-loont, nank-nan
Fig-a-la, pig-a-loo, tank-tan
Too-ga-la, too-ga-la, tang, tang on a faint, man
She wanna ake up and ein all on my booget
Come on, bitch, ta-loo-ga-toog it
I said I'm out o' this booget, like, damn

If you don't jig-a-la-dang, then you don't jig-a-la-bang, on the gang
Before I left, I had to hit you with the same:
If you don't jig-a-lang you don't bang
Bang, dooget

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rsoko2342 3 months ago

Dis shit fire bro!!

lharr365138 3 months ago

Did bibblysnap just save summer wit dis one?!??!