Billy Badnewz – WAR FREESTYLE
Genre Drill, Hip Hop, Rap


Don Billiono


Jersey, Yeah!

I don’t need no shooter, I shoot like a solider

The way I ball on these niggas your bitch want a poster

Uh, Yeah!

Niggas don’t want no war
Draco leave more blood than GWAR
I’m Bonafide to the core
Count fetti till my thumbs get sore
Like I don’t trust the money machine
Or lust the money feeling
I don’t waste no money on lean
No pills no coke no fiend
I’m hustler baby and I’m pricey
Bitch I’m the man of your dreams
Cold hearted, you gone freeze
Pallet for Icey, Dripped up likе a Pisces
Clout chasing don’t excite mе
Niggas Snitching, I don’t take it lightly
Niggas be pocket watching I like to sight see
I want money longer than the Pike
Before I bought me some jordans
Bought me some stocks in nike
I don’t give a fuck if you like me
Yall niggas sweeter than HiCi
You bitch think I’m a vibing
Only took her to Habichi
All she want to do mop me
And call a nigga Villain Papi
Blicka is bigger than Chuckie
I call that shit choppi
That shit is a terror
My circle is small, the real getting rarer
Fake shit getting prevalent
You want don’t beef no more, want to settle it
My hittas don’t know no yield
Only do biz with made men
If you dont own your block you don’t have no field
Tinted Benz to block out the bullshit
Focus on making these millions
Stay Bonafide to the core
Count Benjis till my thumbs get sore
Nigga I’m a Jersey Lord



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