Bill Breezy – Falling Again
Genre Rap

Falling Again

Falling again
Shawty falling again
Took her heart rip it
Yeah he did it again
Rip it into pieces again
Guess she never learn
Gonna fix him cause I love him
Breezy I can’t look away
Breezy I can’t walk away
Do this music shit for the people
Cause the people need help
He gon change if he wanna
You been struggling wit the struggles
Don’t have to tell me, don’t have to show me
I can see your scars yeah the battle scars
Do it for you, try to ease the mind for you
Never going on easy your soul
Think you heard it all, then I drop another one
Lyrics issa sword, jab your soul wit it
Put this shit on repeat, cry yourself to sleep
Cry me a river
Next morn you gon be okay
You gon be alright, you gon be okay
You gon be alright

Why the good always mistreated, always going too soon
Don’t get me wrong wanna have a conversation wit you
Sit down have a decent conversation wit you
But the mind yeah the mind oh the mind
Gonna think you going loco cuckoo, oh the mind
Don’t wanna hear it, cause the people broke you
Turn their backs on you
No more Breezy please no more
Keep me off the air, gonna start blasting this shit through your speakers
Off wit the roof, off your crib
Breezy do be like that
Issa vibe ay ay, issa vibe ay ay
Issa vibe

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