Big Firm – No Hook
Genre Rap

No Hook

Feat. YNW Gunna

IntroBig Firm

Feds ain't got no practice, I was the first nigga on the block
Feds ain't got no-
[Damn E, you still back making these beats]

Verse 1Big Firm

Feds ain't got no practice, I was the first nigga on the block
Yeah I went to college, I ain't no fool, yeah baby, I'm smart
I was on campus with these spanners tryna rob
Me and Tray shine, we ain't never have no rock
GQ just had a baby, time to run up on the set
Niggas try appointments, I was trappin' put the debt
You can go and ask Track, they thought I fell off
But this burner bounce back
I gave the kill Ross
Spent ten up on my wrist
Add it to the tally, finna take a nigga bitch
Soon as I'm donе, scratch that ho off the list
Rolling up that ZaZa, told Gunna, "Pass that shit"
C4 that's my nigga, he got rich of selling pit, I ain't talkin' Mikе Pit
We gon' hold it down, tell her, "Free my slimes quick"
Young niggas really got control about this bitch
Slimey ass nigga, you know I'm quick to pull a trigg

Verse 2YNW Gunna

And I'm quick to blow this bitch, and she quick to do some trick
Fuckin' on the gang, yeah she a slimey bitch
Quick to slime you out, we ridin' 'round with a dirty stick
My gutter dirty bitch, she ridin' round with a phoneck on her head
All the opps, now they tryna figure out how they gettin' killed
Lil B, I had to put a ten on it, had to get 'em clipped
We be in the hood, ridin' with them killers and gorillas
Diamonds dancin' on my wrist, these ain't SI's my nigga
And my momma house big, she got a real nigga
My family doing good and it's only getting bigger
Wish my brother went down so he could ball right with me
Instead, I got TJ in every mall right with me
Run upon us, I swear to God he get to fuckin' blinkin'
If it means on us, I guess we forever sppinin'
Get back gang, really, I swear them boys injure you
Throw them P's up for P, man I swear this shit ain't finished
We gon' make your momma cry, we gon' make your daddy hot
We gon' put you in the ground, we gon' leave your grandma cryin'
If it's up then it's stuck, don't let us catch you out of bounds
If it's up then it's stuck, lil' boy we gon' beat your ass down

OutroBig Firm

Mount, mount
Come on, come on, gang

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