Big Coach the Big Homie – Infamous
Genre Rap


Verse 1Big Homie

Flow polio, sick thoughts
Gold Rolie, no tick tok
Big Homie don’t flip flop
No jokes, no Chris rock

Boy you the worst
Every single verse
Put it in a hearse, put it in the dirt
Leave it for the worms, put it in an urn
Whippin' like turns, spittin' like germs

Dad kicked me out on some stuupidd shit
Whole generation is fooolishness
They fight for control, they losin' it
& we feel the effects of they uuselessness!

I really can’t take no mo'
Feel like I might break, go broke
Time to shoot my shot, go pro
They be lyin' at thе top, go vote

Shit I’m sippin on got me slo mo, oh no
I can’t evеn pose for the photo, bro bro
Eatin' got my tummy like ho ho, so so
I been walkin' roads on the solo dolo
I’m from H town, i be sippin' slow
Got some grape loud, & a swisha rolled
Please don’t make a sound, they be kickin' doors
They gon have you face down for the minimal


Chalky outlines, can’t walk around it
Cops lightin' 9’s, let’s talk about it
Birds flyin' high, got the block surrounded
Primetime live, all the slots is crowded

We be fightin' wars over he say she say
Pimpin out the lord, if ya need saved, please pay
Life is like a movie, on my screenplay, each day
Cliché 3 ways, eat, pray, plié

That mean I’m flexible
Light years ahead of you
THC residue
I put a hex on you

Fresh like a vegetable
Flex like I wrestle ooo
Watch like a spectacle
Flocks I got several
Pass me an Edible
Strong like it’s medical
I left the country man I found some better views
I found some revenue
Now I’m impeccable
Life like a festival
Flights is on schedule

I want it all
Fuck a few kicks, I want a mall
Cuddle my wrist, I wanna ball
Screw in my mix, I’m gonna fall

Heavy rotations on the codeine crazy
Send ya location, we can both be hazy
I be movin' slow, hope I don’t seem lazy
Got a sick sense, I be ghost like Swayze

Flow so 80s, so so wavy
Popo hate me, loco crazy

When I’m feelin down, Blonde play daily
Killin all these clowns, John Wayne Gacy

Ima keep goin' and goin'
Frozen my drip it keep snowin' and snowin'
Flooded my wrist I be rowin' and flowin'
Every single verse I keep growin' and glowin'

Ima have to go and turn the lights on quick
Hot fire, top 5, Dylan spit
Take a quick pic, I’m Nikon rich
Bike life, like we outta Saigon bitch

Firenzuola views on my Paison tip
Let a nigga breathe, let bygones slip
I be self made like a Taiwan prince
Dyed my hair blonde on some Icon shit

That’s it

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