Beware the Forest's Mushrooms – Drewsome
Genre Rap

Beware the Forest's Mushrooms

Verse 1Drewsome

Since we last spoke everything has changed
I lost a couple friends and we went our separate ways
I been working really hard, I ain’t had time for a break but I’m still writing down all my emotions on a page
Everywhere I go nothing ever feels the same, not at school, not at work, and for sure not my place and I been keeping to myself and I ain’t made time for my people and I just wanna say I’m sorry and I love all of you equal
But this pain that I feel in my chest is killing me, and I truly mean it when I say it’s not willingly
I just haven’t been myself, mentally or psychically
I have no great powеr or responsibility
But regardless of thе circumstances, I’m keeping it G
I ain’t smoking Mary-Jane, that shit just isn’t for me
But don’t call me Peter Parker ‘cause I’m more like Eddie B
I get too attached to people and refuse to set ‘em free

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