Make You Bleed lyrics


Benzino Presents Round 3 “Die Another Day” Flawless Victory

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May 30, 2023

Make You Bleed lyrics

Hi, everybody my name is Slim Shady
I wear ponytails, look like Cindy Brady
Wit black pumps on, I dress in drag
And sometimes I might even wear a durag (Heeyyy)
I talk street slang
I wear baggy jeans (Oohh)
? white t-shirt, my face lookin' mean
I said to myself (Hey) I got a split personality
You ain't black Marshall snap back to reality

Chorus: Benzino
You ain't hard (Ayo dog I don't even know why you fuckin' wit these meatballs man)
And you don't rep the streets (Dudes is lame for real)
Stop lookin' hard (But since they act like they wan' bring it let 'em bring it then, fuck it)
Before we make you bleed (Beliеve that BITCH)
You ain't hard (Bunch of bitches any a way if you ask me)
And you don't rеp the streets (Eminem, Obie Trice, hell nah, D12, silly motherfuckers)
Stop lookin' hard
Before we make you bleed
L.O. what's up man

Your little 8 mile road ain't got shit on my block
That's why Paul coppin' pleas (Paul Rosenberg) and hirin' cops
For real get grip Marshall you could never be Pac (Never ever)
I don't care who hit the stores or them movies and watch
Obie who? (Who) I don't know why they gassin'
Come on dog let's be serious it ain't gon' happen (Not all dog)
Fuck a Big Chuck (Fuck him), greasy fat fuck (Facts)
Sold the bean out for like two hundred bucks
A bucket of fried chicken, motel and a dick suck
All he got is probation, a pistol wit no bullets
Not even one in the head
Who he planed on killin' (For real)
D12 ain't do shit when he kissed your bitch (Na da)
All you did was shed tears and remove the clip (Cry)
You BITCH, talkin' 'bout you ready to fight
Well charge up a jet Marshall, we ready tonight (Right now)
In these mean streets of Boston, you heard it right
Obie Trice, (Fuckin' coward) L.O. get Obie right
What chu talkin' 'bout dealin' wit gays
When Slim's in the Aftermath office shovin' dick to Dre (Fuckin' homo)
While you was down at PR ridin' Dave and Ray
Beggin' for three mics in the promotional page
Obie please, you still livin' in ya mom's crib
Sleepin' on the couches drinkin' 40 Oz.'s
Kimberly's a nympho love it where her mouth is
I hate to be a villian, we'll snatch up Hailie (That real) just for you talkin' crazy
Now that's what's shady
D12 a dozen of clowns, turn that grin on your face completely upside down (Ha haaa)
So go ahead wit that bullshit (Go ahead man)
And tell Paul stop callin' tryna squash shit (Tell him stop callin' our phone)
'Cause we ain't hearin' out cocksuckers (Cock suckers)
Y'all probably fuckin' each other, homo, 'cause that's what faggots do
Drag queen maskes that's what faggots do (Bitch)
I know it's eatin' at your pride (I know it is)
I know it's eatin you inside (Know it is)
Fuckin' eatin' you alive, y'all chumps is sick, I'm what the doc prescribe, Boston bitch
Yeah the Y's is live
So hop the fuck back (Back up, back up) if you ain't ready to die
Better get it in your minds
Really really really get it in your minds

Outro: L.O.
Marshall, Marshall, Marshall
Fuckin' chump
Obie, fuck you talkin' 'bout meet chu in Logan
Nigga y'all security's tight nigga
Y'all don' fuckin' upgrade
From 3 to 5, 5 to ten

Benzino – Make You Bleed

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