Benjamin The Esquire – He Goes Way Back
Genre Rap

He Goes Way Back

Verse 1
Way before the oceans roared and beasts ran
The ancient one conceived and breathed complete plans
It pleased Him to see them come to fruition
From the fruit kissing, to the new Jerusalem
From the skewed vision Jews who rudely booed, dissed Him
To new Christians who Yeshua schooled in wisdom
Youth listen, God is the master playwright
He scripts history that began with the stagе lights
He’s chief architect, drafting thе plans
1Christ is on site, there are no accidents man
His wisdom is displayed before the days He made men
I give him all the praise, staying amazed He saved Ben
Pause and ponder the perfection of the predetermined
You need discernment? John Edwards, read his sermons
Every thought and act and word written
Is just a fraction of God’s reserved wisdom

You go way back when you thought of the plan
You say the end from the beginning no one’s stopping your hand
You go way back, when you was making your plot
Then you act in history when you’re shaking our spot
You go way back before you founded the earth
Before shaping the dirt you was plotting your work
You go way back, no advice needed from man
Triune counsel was completing the plan
Verse 2
No tools were used in the act of creation
Like pro tools by dudes making tracks in the basement
How’d he make the waves break and crash in the South?
Or the ape that makes a cave his habitat and his house?
The only raw resource is the might of his word
That the holy God needs for the lights of this world
No water hose or hydrant for oceans and islands
Spoke in the silence and molded Leviathan
Hovah’s the dopest, you should know if you’ve tried it man
Controls the globe and He holds it inside His hand
Makes the tightest plans then crams His might in the grand
Canyon in the span of six nights, do you like it fam?
"All good" pleased with the works of his hand
It was his purpose and plan for man to work in the land
Yes the serpent He damned scammed the first of the fam
He’s a thread in the quilt made to worship the Lamb

Verse 3
God’s providence means He is running the show
We prefer to know our souls are in his governance yo
The firmament’s snow shows He’s perfect in prose
Cos it’s complimented by the sun’s permanent glow
He sustains what he made, we would cease to exist
And go to sleep with the fish in creepy deep sea abyss
If he didn’t keep his sheep, completely we’re gripped
It’s for all peeps and not just his obedient kids
His sun rises on all, foes and friends
Even those who chose to oppose, he sends
Rain in the summertime, from Spain to the Russian mines
So complex I can’t explain with a hundred lines
Exalts a nation while he humbles a few
So don’t take a disaster like he's punishing you
He’s ahead of the pack in fact, he’s better than that
Let’s submit to his words whether in red or in black

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