Bendigo Fletcher – Green Murder
Genre Pop

Green Murder

Carlo's watering the garden
Warbling through the morning rounds
Spellbinding fruits of the juniper and window-looking ladygowns

Did he steal your future?
Was she dressed in white?
Did he show her colors and fields she'd never seen in life?

Well, if he's an evergreen then you're a sensitive fern, my boy
The family business slacks, put the pressure into your blue jeans
Living from within can be a little harder, harder, harder than it seems
Oh, but did that Appalachian mountain do, really do the trick?
And send you dragging the tattered ends of your wits down into the willow-thick?

Oh, when you stepped onto the interstate, it was raining
And you thought of all the lives that it surely had taken
All the lights trickling down the line
But to risk it everyday for love, you'd be truly obliged
But you're just taking a ride

You love that woman, don't you now, fern-boy?
She haunts your head
With her longsleeves and ivory knees shifting around the gardener's bed
Did that Carlo rabbit nibble out your soul?
On the belvedere his chivalry knelt
Sliding both his hands beneath the garden belt
Carlo found himself alone with the gardener's spade
Planted between the rose of his ribcage
All the life trickling down the vine
A tool between trades, a green murder was sure to align
And you thought soon, she'd be mine
Everything would be truly divine

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