Beekay B – I Miss Me
Genre Rap

I Miss Me


Yeah I miss the old version of me
Yeah I’m being real
I’m being real

Verse 1

When I look at the mirror
I do tell myself nah
This isn’t me
I was stronger before
This season I’m week
Now I’m just a paper with a dot at the center everybody wanna tear
Can’t even remember the
Last time I had peace
I only get that
When I’m drinking my tea
But I spill it on my table
Now I gonna clean it up
So now you can tell that I nеver get peacе
Everything I’m trynna do is coming back to me
With the same force I sent it out
Everything I’m putting out
Every string I’m pulling out
Is coming back to me
With the same power I estimated
The same way I calculated
The years or the goals that I set
That I’m gonna reach at an estimated time
And I put em in the file but the file got deleted

Pre-Verse 2

Yeah I'm being real when I say I miss the old me
I was a better person before
But now I'm turning to something I never know

Verse 2

You think you know me
You don’t know nothing if you never saw me cry
I’m the typpa person that
Ain’t afraid to fail as long as I know I try well
Actually I doubt that
Anybody know me cause even my cries are fake
And the life at stake
Everybody knows that
Itself it’s fake
So if you think I’m gonna go show myself to you
You better think again


I’m minimizing problems but they duplicated
Sanitizing my hands but they lubricated
Synthesizing my own thing
And it turned to other thing
That I couldn’t explain, escalated

Verse 3

I miss the old version of me now
I miss the old me
The one you couldn’t break
The one you couldn’t take down easily
Talk about the real one
Talk about the king
Talk about the key, factor
Man I miss the real me
Man I miss the real me
I’mma need to take a step back just to find me
I ain’t looking for a key or a factor
Just to justify me
I just wanna find me
I just wanna find me

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