Beautiful Black – Deacon Das
Genre Pop

Beautiful Black

Verse 1 - Deacon D.A.S.

Still Black in America, My black experience, the black experiment
From the projects where I project the real like reels
Where I lived in mass hysteria
Tryna press passed the barriers that were there for us
The hood'll bury ya, is what Momma said to us
It's a cold cold world put on your hat and gloves
I'm from the ERA of… terror, all we had was us
Cz They act like our black lives don't matter much
Attack our character, It's hard measure up
If you didn't measure up crack in my area
For that Pelle Pelle and a pair of chucks
Now half of my fellas felons from Selling drugs
Three strikes and you're out, batters up
From the middle passages, The struggle bettered us
Listened to Nelson Mandela tell us to spread the love of Christ
Don't let it Worry us, we're warriors!

I can see the LIGHT in your DARKNESS
Eyes open, eyes open

Verse 2 - Chryssy Payne

Now I shall not be moved like black folk in the 60's
Marching, walking, fire starting, yo that south wasn't pretty
And that cross wasn't pretty when they lit it in flames [whew
They'd rather see me hanging from a tree like strange fruit
Don't try to box me like Davis, Wells or Chisholm
I try to show them Christ, he can erase all of the isms
Yessum', that's what they'd say, before they walk away into the colored entrance all because they look different
They wanted us as maids cause we cook different
They wanted us as slaves because we built different
It's absurd they hollerin intolerance
Seems like we're surrounded by modern day Bull Connors'
But Love covers a multitude of sin
Dr. King had the right idea when he was going in
But I'm glad that we made it through
We made it happen
I be feelin optimistic when I hear them sounds of blackness

Verse 3 - Deacon D.A.S.

I am black history, and black future in the present tense
Beautiful black blessedness
From share cropping to share options, the black message is
Turn that Black misery into Black excellence
Knowing where we've been, where we are, and where we going
I see it, I'm woke, my eyes are wide open
Take Just a moment for the souls of those who set this all in Motion
They carried a heavy yoke and there is debt that we owe 'em
For running the race for the race like Jesse Owens
We’re standing on the shoulders of giants
Who stood up to injustice just as bold as the lion
Over-comers that overcame hate with love and non violence
Forever remembered like the titans
No one can deny it, Gotta Keep ya' head higher
Like a giraffe, In spite of the past
Let God's word be a light to our path until we're FREE AT LAST!


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