BBY GOYARD – SMOKIN! freestyle
Genre Rap

SMOKIN! freestyle


Aye big bags
Aye twist it up mane [Aye, aye, aye
Keep a lil something for yourself
We don't do those silver spoons, nah
I keep that over there
Trust me we don't want that
Aye, aye


Aye, showed up with my other shirt

Just a flash in this bitch

She gone back in this bitch

Purple wrap this jersey, I throw back in this bitch

Stupid diamond wrist, deeper than the krakens n' shit

Talking 7 year itch, got them diamonds out the ditch

Got designer from what's-her-name, can't even say that shit

Got some pussy from what's-her-namе, don't even know that bitch

Pour they bullеts through the Carlton, head back to the Ritz

A thousand miles finesse a Carlton, the foreign do the splits

I just sold that boy Dayquil, told him it was Tris

Now he rolling off a fake pill, looking like a lick

How he singing just like Faith Hill, want [?] on his dick

Broke his promise to the gang, now he dead to the clique

Imagine this, imagine that, imagine it

Long ass chopper I be draggin' it

Shannon, Marc Ecko, I be taggin' it

Hop up out a bumblebee, transformer it

Ain't no silver spoons but we always rich

From a handheld to the home like Nintendo Switch

I got Rodney Mullen fit, it's how I'm known flip

Super out of date, looking like a LaserDisc

I pull up with a laser thang, make the plasma drip

Got a plug in Indiana look like Freddie Gibbs

BBY pull up to the city MTV Cribs

BBY pull up to your city get some smoke in

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