barren – Try my luck

Try my luck

Feat. Wstdyth

Verse 1barren

Never one to try to blame my problems
Never one to pass the buck
I coulda never flown out there
But you know I had to try my luck
With this pretty lil' shorty
We been talking for some time and you know we both tryna fuck
Touchin' on yo' body, kissin' on yo' neck
Do you like it slow, do you like it rough?
You gone make my heart erupt
Something seemed strange but I rode out the week
Couldn’t put my finger on it, something was up
I got what I wanted but that's never enough
Passing out on the bed cannot take this
Forever thinking imma be chasing, waiting
For the fuckin' bag I should be making, hatin'
Shit's so whack I always change it, I'll-
Give you a whole catalog
Of all the things I do myself
That slowly deteriorates
Any re-maining health

Doin' anything in their power
To show you who the boss [fuckin' boss
What kinda shit is it gonna take?
How big of a cost?
Give them a badge and gun, thinkin' they above the law
Begging you for forgiveness
Haven’t you had enough [had enough]

Had enough
Had enough

You on yo' knees
Begging for something you don't want
You on yo' knees just tryna please the fuckin' wrong one

Verse 2Wstdyth + barren

I’m coming back
Shawty you looking so bad
Rain falling onto my back
Takahashi on my pants, now she wanna dance
I sell my soul for a stack
I’m always smoking this gas
Rolling a spliffy and we rolling into the tracks
Got me staring at my hands, don’t care 'bout these brands
She don't like it when I’m like that
Send a text and I don’t write back
When I’m out I wear a tight mask
When you looking at me what do you see?
Jolly Rodger on the high mast
Feeling the magic in all of these trees
I been tryna be just like that
Air forces up on both of my feet
Needing gas and he’s sliding to me

Baby I’m caught in your eyes shining in moonlight
I’m tryna get to my place, I’m tryna move right
Taking this blunt to the face, I’m getting too high
Christian Dior on my wrist, I got the 2 dice

Verse 3barren

Got these ray bans on my face but you know I can’t really see
Very far past the fucking wall I built of insecurities
I'll never start a list of things to accomplish
'Cause I know it won’t get finished
Why can’t you go mind yo' business?
Another thing to add to my wish-list


I wish you well
Don't worry, baby, I'll never tell
I'll go back to my old cell
6-feet down with the place to myself
I'll cave
Every time I'll cave
You know my old ways
Everything that I say
Every move that I make

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