Balt Getty – The Man

The Man

I am...
Hey what up Purplehaus yo [Ha... ha!
I am the man [The man
All you mother f#%@$*s talking foreign this, foreign that
Maybe ya'll tour for a night or two
You f$*&ing sprinter

Ignoring it

But please...
But I'm really on that foreign s#*t like

Foreign s#*t yo

I got stacks, houses [I do, stacks, houses
Whippin in my foreign [Foriegn
Yeah [ha!
Way before him
I be whippin in my foreign

mouthed car speeding sound effect

Ah, yeah
Way before him [Before him
I'm on some Europe shit [Euro shit
Got a Euro bitch [Euro bitch
Got a Euro whip [Euro whip?]

Mouthed motocycle sound effect

Euro bike... [ha!
Europe s#*t [yes, ha!
Yeah, Villas [and flats
A few different countries, what B?
You hating, yеah trust me
You... You hating [You can't help it]

I ain't had it easy
You know mе I'm greasy [Greazy
Yeah [F#$%^*g greazy!
We could go toe to toe
In the hood they f$%&*^g know [They know
B. Getty
Yeah [B. Getty bro
In the hood, Mr. Getty!
Yeah, what the f$%k? [Out of respect
We turn it up!
Purplehaus, double cup, now what the f#%k [What the f#%k bro?
Man we sippin on some sizzurp [What
Smoking on some pizzurp [Pizzurp
Had your chick for desert [Desert?
Yeeeeah, guess I'm just a fliiizzirt
I am the man [I am
Yeah, whippin in my foreign
Way before him [Ha, way before him
Sippin on some sizzurp, smoking on some pizzurp
I, I'm whipping in my foreign
, [Car speeding off mouth sound effect
Yeah, way before him [I am
I am. Yeah, I... Whip... way before him

Car speeding off mouth sound effect

Stunts in Italian

Additional European ad libs

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