Bad Sosa – Juggboi
Genre Rap


Juggboi lyrics


Ay, yo Foreigner, you crazy for this one


Ay, smacked the fuck out my teacher and somehow did it get suspended
I just got a brand new choppa, wanna see how this shit crackin'
Made like 40 grand off a swipin' bitch, you know I'm taxin'
He tried to run up, the Glock gon' get his life to flashin'
When I'm performin', they get lit and they know they clappin'
Find my opp location when I hacked him, bitch, you know I'm trackin'
I just came home from a shootout bitch, you know I bring the MAC in
Yeah, the set is number one, all the opps get to packin'
Better watch out for my boys, yeah, they be gеttin' active
You tellin' nothin' but lies, yеah, I know that you cappin'
Yeah, they said I never make it, but now I'm the one who's laughin'
Backwards Nike sign, yeah, I'm rocking J's from Travis
You know I got a TEC, every time I fire, yeah, it's rapid
If you got the money for a feature, yeah, you better tap in
I been doin' the hustles, ballin' out like 24
6 god shit, 8 liters get poured
10 toes down, I stay, 12 be some fucking whores
Got 14 clips and I'm 16 uppin' the score
RIP to 18Veno, wish you coulda seen more
I got 20-20 visions, lot could happen up to 22 and 24
Yeah, I'm drillin' shit like 26AR
Goin' worldwide and with this shit like 28 days later
By 2030, I'ma have more haters
But it don't matter, I'm still makin' bread like a baker
You can't talk if you ain't gettin' up your paper
If I see your bitch in traffic, I'ma take her


Bro, that was really something
Y'all know what I'm feelin'

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