Bad Sosa – Back At It Again
Genre Rap

Back At It Again

Back At It Again lyrics




It feels like I'm spinning the block cause I'm back at it again
Caught a opp in public and I leave his brain with a dent
Fucked this bitch once and now she think we Barbie and Ken
I was finna use a choppa but instead I chose a Mac-10
Everybody soft nowadays, I was born in the wrong gen
I stopped fucking with my homie cause I found out that he liked men
Give me some time cause one day I'ma be a Coachella
Mans be goofy as fuck, he calling me his fella
This bitch think she cute but she really not fully devеloped
She really fucking ugly but shе think that she Cinderella
He keep on throwing signs but he whiter than mozzarella
Got this bitch so wet, I'ma need an umbrella
He said he makes real music but he in his crib doing acapellas
I killed a opp and now his family's in the church singing hallelujah
But shit, you know what, let me switch it up, now's the time
You broke as fuck, you buy your drip from Amazon Prime
You broke as fuck, you pay for all your shit with dimes
You thought now you was 1% British and now you make grimes
You tried to beat the case but you ended up getting life
Hey, if you can't do the time, don't do the crime
But shit, an opp ran up on me at my crib and he got slimed
I ain't had a knife on me, I choked him with a lime
I spun the block three times cause third time's the charm
I jugged this white ass kid who be living in a barn
When I finally ran up on an opp, he said he didn't want no harm
This bitch built weird as fuck, she got big ass arms
I keep me in Smith & Wesson, I'm ready for war
Yeah, in other fucking words, I keep me a firearm
Dumbass tried to rob the bank, he sounded the alarm
Like it's Breaking Bad, I put ricin in his lucky charm
Got a emo bitch named Jane but she don't give me high
Bro says he's getting to the bank, bro, I know that's a lie
I beat up a businessman and I choked him with a tie
He say he on a diet but you stuffing your mouth with fries
Nutted on her face and that shit looks like cream pie
Got tired of McDonald's, I ordered at Popeyes
Fuckboy ran up and I left him with a black eye
Bro says he's grown but he still watches Super Why
When I hop at the party, not everyone gonna die
Y'all couldn't even make a good song even if you tried
I'm not Pusha it but when I heard that shit, it was almost dry
Her titties taste good but I wanna lick on her thighs
If I catch you lacking, the end of your life is nigh
My lil' cousin ate these brownies and now he feeling high
Told this bitch my true feelings and she started to cry
Yeah, I'm bout to end this shit, it's time to say goodbye



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