Bad dreams – Ronnie
Genre R&B

Bad dreams

Feat. Priyanka

Ever since i have met my dream girl
Can't fall in sleep
Its been last more weeks
And the eeks just repeat
Writting a poem bout her
Just to bring in some peace
Or atleast just relief
Before I turn to wood beast
Her beauty blindfolding me
Spirit took the hold of me
Legs wrapped around
The heart started controlling me
Carving her name in all the merges of my poetry
Growing these
Pulling on these breaking this frеsh dork
Spending hours smoking towers riding all thesе black shurbs
Took my breathe brusting
Coloured a doubled word
Driving in the blood country swirls
Love the diamond
Giving me health care
And the drug money
Sometimes I feel like diving honey
The bugs bunny
Nothing's funny
It's smoggy but still sunny

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