Baby – Questionmark Asylum
Genre Rap


Verse 1

Shallow Jane
Don't look ayo I don't know your name
So I refer to you as "Sweet Love"
When Sweet Love dropped the books I played the good Samaritan
Then she looked me up and down to see the income I was wearing
I said, "Shallow baby for my name is "
She suspected me a hoodlum cause of my dialect and
So sorry for the intrusion but don't jump to conclusions
If the wardrobe I was wearing was influencing but prudent
I made the pre jokes mental and hesitant to get into
Casual conversation but the Burger King apron kept causing
Static in the attic, placing me in the basement
But I heard from my man she was romantically involved
But the relationship was faulty between her and her fiancee
Now, now, now that's exactly why her and I made out
Contact with the contacts which made me reminisce upon that
Same old slow song sung slow ya know


Why you loving that nigga?
"Hey baby"
You tell me this you tell me that
You say it's love but hey how do you figure?
"Hey baby"
He beat you down until you're black and blue
You never thought that this would happen to you
Every night you fight you're having a feud
He always saying you ain't about...

Verse 2

It's been three weeks prior
[To our interruption
And um, although you felt my flavor
[ reluctant
And last night we made love
[And I did better than your man did
Isn't it true?
[Cause I felt that your anatomy expanded
And then you sneak out in the PM
[And you arrive back in the AM
And then he greets you with a slap
[Screaming why'd you disobey him
So then the love taps became the love slaps
And then you come back
[So what it wasn't what it is or what it could be
So how could you come and tell anything about devotion
When your love is weaker than a pack of Koolaid in the ocean
I know he's your man dear, but yo he ain't your husband
So just cut the zero baby and roll with the ragamuffin
[Lover] and then [Discover] that the grass is
[Sweeter on the other side of the Ville


Questionmark Asylum

Ayo darling look here, if he keeps beating on you and cheating on you, then tell me why you rolling with the motherfucker?


That's just the way he shows that he cares for me

Questionmark Asylum

Oh, oh, so you saying that black eye shows love huh?


Verse Three

And while you're touching up in the bathroom
With an eye black as a raccoon
And you're staring up in the mirror
Covering your wounds up with mascara
Now where your man? Who's your man?
Girl you need to tell your man...
Do do do do do
It's all because of you
I'm feeling black and blue
You went away and now my heart is filled with da da da da


OutroRosta Swan

Oh darling, oh darling, oh dear, oh dear. Look here baby. The next time the hugs and kisses turn to punches kicks you need to roll with the Rosta and Ayo Fiss y'all. Digge Doms and ya don't stop

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