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December 4, 2020

Waitin' for Spring lyrics

Take your memories
Cast them out to sea
They should return with the tide
Maybe they'll sail on
To another shore
And fill one who's empty inside

Waitin' for spring

Plant the peaceful seed
In one who is in need
You may a blossom see someday
And even if it dies
You can know you tried
To change some skies to blue instead of gray

Waitin' for spring

Help yourself to me
Maybe we can see
Another sunset on your shore
I do not ask belief
Or promise a release
But maybe we can stir that dusty floor

You need not be a key
Or any link between
Some bad or good times
Just ask above
For the love
To ease some troubled mind

Relatin', waitin' for spring
Settle soft
Into the loft
Of a sunset shore, waitin' no more

B.W. Stevenson – Waitin' for Spring

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