B.A.Johnston – The Fart That Got Away
Genre Acoustic, Comedy, Pop

The Fart That Got Away

I am here and you are there
You are where you are right now
So I never got a chance to say
I'm sorry for what happened on my 29th birthday

Well I'd like to blame society
Or the waitress who dared me
To eat forty-five shrimps
She said that I could not
So I ate forty-five shrimp, a baked potato, and some cheesecake
On my 29th birthday
And at the bar the Jäger shots
Oh, in my gut did rot rot rot
But you did not see
You had to go home early
Cuz you ate a very strong pot brownie
Oh I begged you not to eat it
On my 29th birthday

So I'm in your kitchen at five AM
I'm so drunk, don't know where I am
I know I meant the fart to slip
But to my horror it went
Drip drip drip
Down my leg
On my 29th birthday

So I crawled into your room
And I tried to blame it on the dog
You were really not amused at-


Here we go

I'm sorry for the fart that got away
I'm sorry for my 29th birthday
I'm sorry for the fart that got away

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