Розмова з тобою, Слухач (Talking to you listener) lyrics
(English Translation)

by B, 4ZE

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September 27, 2023

Розмова з тобою, Слухач (Talking to you listener) lyrics
(English Translation)

I also don't enter the drop for the first fate
In the same way, I insert Freymut Olya into each bit I blame myself for everything for no reason He was devastated, destitute, felt tired Sorry for suddenly disappearing, I'm missing
Just a temper like cheap coffee, dissolved itself And I'm with him, the taste of being wormwood Feeling that I've to, as if I owe I love attention, although you know it yourself It can be difficult, I thought I'd mastered it And in reality, everyone is just as greedy for people But each of them pushes down, life is a bobsled The extreme track was released a long time ago I didn't like it and got over it I finished the weak text with an interesting sound
Bushido through torment, and consider the context Unfortunately, I wrote before the blackout The usual such a trap Depo without a garage
The second verse was weak and smeared
It caused disgust, and the whole track was undesirable
I'm like a badboy, cold to Alice I let all her efforts-hints go wild
Subsequently, he was banned, and that's what he wanted to say
"I want to remember your temper in my memory"
Do you remember Katya? I was tormented by a dilemma:
To ask her or not to do this problem?
I'm talking about whether to reveal the identity Because I'm for honesty and transparency in personal matters Tracks reflection on past feelings
Nothing modern, she's her own life She avoided answers for a long time So during the blackout there was a search for ideas
The track was supposed to be released for ten minutes There is a retelling of events from college to creativity
I won't give her a word, I'll deal with it I'll let it go, I'll get out of weightlessness So he hung in a dilemma as if on a swing No tracks except by placing dots above and
Let nothing out, tired of loneliness
There are people and soon I'll be alone From time to time he talked with Natalya about Katya Both are from the same group, there's nothing to add This topic began to creep up on her I devalued myself, began to distance myself In August, he said goodbye to both Done with the past, a new chapter is being written Full of grief, I don't know what to write:
The present is empty, and the past no longer exists Sorry, listener, but I thank you for everything
I love interaction, and you're all I've
Stagnation is work, study plus Beshket
I'm already a little used to it, we'll see each other again I didn't begin to tell you about all of them in detail Because it's really fed up, I want to live on I hope there are laurels and pedestals ahead But for now, only your medals are enough

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B, 4ZE – Розмова з тобою, Слухач (Talking to you listener) (English Translation)

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