AWOL – Treadmill


Treadmill lyrics


Sometimes I feel like I’m running on a treadmill in life
Day in, day out, but I stay in the same place
Let’s make it work out by finishing this mental workout
Y’all with me?


You’re always trying so hard but always destined to fail
You’re trying to fill the bucket up but there’s a hole in the pail
You’re getting nowhere like a dog that’s chasing its tail
You’re just like Ol’ Gil, move like the wind, chasing that sale, [sail
You’re tryna eat that steak but instead you’re cleaning the plates
You’re thе slowest rat around trapped running the racе
You’re lost in a Lagrange point, spinning, floating in space
You’re trying to get ahead but stuck in the same place
You’re spending all your time squeezing blood from a stone
You’re making a pitch to change it, but it comes out monotone
You’re busy as a beaver, no one gives a damn, you’re alone
You’re sitting here dialing, they won’t ever pick up the phone
You’re like a hamster forever spinning inside of the wheel
You’re like a vicious circle rolling down an infinite hill
You’re sitting on death row on your 18th appeal
But you’re also like a phoenix who will never be killed


Flip that script. I’ll tell you what to do next…


You need to take a step off of that treadmill
You need to remove the Ouroborus’s head from its tail
You need to start to dance there’s no time to sit still
You need to apply yourself, already steeping in will
You need to know joy, con yourself if it’s needed and switch, [Joycon/Switch
You need to know there’s never been an eternal ditch
You need to rip that circle it can always be stitched
You need to realize only you can pull you out of this sitch
You need to be versatile, block the drifting river’s dam
You need to try new things, pressured like Sam-I-Am
You need to trust your support structure, that’s your fam
You need to always put yourself first, that’s why my name’s Adam
You need to get yourself unstuck, life isn’t made of glue
You need to realize that we all special, there’s no chosen few
You need to remember all the shit you ever went through
And you need to stop hoping for change and instead change you

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